June 19, 2024
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Awards Search

When considering whether to respond to a specific opportunity it is useful to understand what has happened in the marketplace previously.

Who are your competitors, what do they win and do your customers show any specific patterns or tendencies?

The Awards search page allows you to search in the same way as the opportunity search page, but returns historical data on published contracts.

As before we return the information in the tile format, but these are called ‘award tiles’, see below.

We provide an initial summary of key information, title, date, values and critically who won.

Again you can also click through on the View button on any awards you’re particularly interested in to a more detailed page and from that page you can click to the original post made by the buying organisation. 

As before we also provide the ‘related contracts’ function.

This can be particularly useful here if you are researching specific markets.

By working through the related contracts you can build up a picture of who is winning contracts in the market and for what.

Continue reading and find out more about Awards and when they are posted.

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