June 19, 2024
Contract Finder Pro – Search UK public sector tenders

Search for Buyer Profiles

This is another research feature and will often by used in tandem with the Awards search.

Here you can search by buying organisation (e.g. NHS).

Just type in the name or root of the organisation’s name if you’re not sure (autocomplete will do the rest) and it will show you information on all the buying organisations releasing tenders.

The NHS search is illustrative as it yields 100 different results, all separate and distinct buying organisations across the UK.

The results are arranged into mini-tiles, with the title of the organisation and how many tenders have been placed in the past 12 months by that organisation, with the most prolific organisation placed at the top (you can change the order if you like).

You’ll see there is a huge variance by organisations, some tender hundreds of times and some just one or two. 

If you click on the Buyer Profile button it will take you to a home page for that buying organisation.

Continuing reading our next article, which goes into more detail about the information you will find on a Buyer Profile.