June 18, 2024
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Awards details

Award posts will vary in the detail depending on the portal they’ve come from.

One thing to look out for is the assessment criteria.

Assessment Criteria are usually based around technical and commercial criteria, with some customers marking, ‘cultural fit’ and increasingly ‘Social Value’.

Overall assessments will normally be out of 100% and buyers will post the ratios of one to the other (e.g. 60% technical to 30% Commercial and 10% Social Value).

Commercial will primarily be assessed against price and technical will be against the technical elements such as how closely the requirements are met and how well aligned to other systems the buyer has.

Buyers will adjust the criteria depending on what is more important to them at that point and depending on how complex they believe the solution is.

If in your research you find that one supplier is winning regularly when the technical criteria are paramount and another is winning when commercial criteria are more important you can then take that into consideration when working out whether to respond to a new tender.

You might also choose to ask to partner or simply no bid if you think one supplier is particularly dominant.

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